学徒之爱:Alina Benson

当我们第一次看到 阿丽娜·本森(Alina Benson)‘的Instagram上的纹身’相信她是徒弟!我们赶上Alina聊天纹身的所有事情…

您已经学了多长时间了,您是如何获得学徒的呢? I started my apprenticeship at 的 end of 2019, but I’我自6月以来一直只在全职纹身 西维本·拉本, a private studio in Schwerte, Germany. I owe 的 apprenticeship to my friend 本尼·克拉鲁斯, who is training me.

什么 drew you to 的 tattoo world? My mother 和 grandmother have 总是 been very creative, drawing 和 tinkering. I knew very early that I would like to tattoo one day. Even before I got tattooed myself. I got into 的 scene through my friend 本尼·克拉鲁斯, who has been in 的 tattoo business for more than 10 years. Since June 2020 I 上午 now self-employed 和 for me 的re is nothing better.

您能告诉我们您自己的纹身以及您的第一个纹身吗? I mainly have tattoos in 的 neo-traditional style from 本尼·克拉鲁斯, 迈克·莱兹(Mike Ldz), 康斯坦丁·施密特(Konstantin Schmidt) 和 also from myself. I had to start practising somewhere so now I have three tattoos on my legs. My favourite tattoo is my left hand of Mike, a moon. On 的 other hand I have a sun. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old 和 it is a Rammstein quote. It is not 的 most beautiful one I have to admit, but 的 only one with a meaning.

太阳和月亮由Mike Ldz纹身

Can you tell us about 的 process behind your tattoos, what inspires you, how would you describe your style? 我将自己的风格描述为新传统。但是我特别喜欢纹身动物或自然界的东西。我喜欢使用柔和的颜色或柔和的颜色。当然,有时我也会做些花哨的纹身,但我更喜欢自然色调。

什么 do you like to draw/tattoo 和 what would you like to do more of? I 总是 like to tattoo animals, especially I want to do more dinosaurs, 的y have 总是 fascinated me!

什么’s been 的 best part of your apprenticeship so far 和 what have you found 的 hardest? 学徒的最好部分是看我如何’我发展自己,并感到我的纹身讨人喜欢。我喜欢我可以做自己喜欢的事而生活。


We love finding new apprentices to share 和 support. We fell in love with 的 work of 劳拉·佩奇(Laula 页) 纹身师 特雷兹’Ink 在巴黎,知道我们必须了解更多…

I have been an apprentice for nine months at in 的 13th arrondissement in Paris. It’s a spacious studio with seven tattoo artists 和 one other apprentice like me. The studio has a particularity, as every artist has 的ir own unique style. This inspires me to be more creative 和 to learn a variety of technical experiences. I met my apprentice master through a friend of mine, she showed 的m some of my drawings on Instagram的 和 that’s how it all began.

I think I have 总是 been attracted to 的 world of tattooing. On my father’在我身边,我在哈雷戴维森(Harley Davidson)的世界中长大,周围是纹身的手臂。它一直吸引着我,并影响了我。

只要我 年纪大了,我的兄弟为我提供了我的第一个纹身:背上的玫瑰。我收藏的其余部分包括我练习的左腿。在我的左臂上,我有一个传统的美人鱼,一个女孩的传统面孔,一把钥匙和四叶草。我的右臂上现在只有数字(信用卡代码!)。我的右腿上有戴维·鲍伊(David Bowie)。


I would say that my style comes from 的 traditional Americans tattoos in a poetic, melancholic 和 retro universe. A lot of things help 和 inspires me 和 my creations. Rock music, poetry, 的 retro universe, cinema, emotions, women 和 的ir power, 的ir charisma, attitude, sensuality, 的 list goes on. I really like to draw women. I just started to tattoo with colours. And I’d非常喜欢用更多颜色的纹身来纹身。

The best part of my apprenticeship is that every day when I get to tell myself that I do what I love. I have a lot of gratitude for being an apprentice. It can get hard but at 的 end of 的 day, I’m glad I chose this path (may 的 force be with you).

学徒的爱:Cath Pilling

We just love 的 delicate botanicals 和 nature inspired pieces that Cath起球 握手。崭露头角的纹身学徒 盛开& Gloom Tattoo 在拉夫堡,她’绝对可以添加到您的纹身愿望清单中…

您已经学了多长时间了,您是如何获得学徒的呢? 我从开始我的手工学徒 贝克斯·费舍尔 在2019年8月。’d在Instagram上关注了她很长时间,所以当她宣布要开设自己的工作室时,我与她取得联系,询问她是否正在寻找学徒。她看了看我的工作,邀请我聊天,我们点击了。我知道我’ve been very lucky –学徒难求,我’m grateful to be under 的 wing of someone who is lovely as well as a great teacher.

When I was offered 的 apprenticeship I had a moment of fear creep in that I was too old, I had too many responsibilities (young kids 和 another part-time job), 和 that I, well, might be shit at it. I’我很高兴我忽略了那些感受,因为’s one of 的 best things I’ve ever done.

I’终生痴迷于创意图像。几年前我获得了美术学位,’我总是制作艺术品,但我没有’t 总是 想成为纹身师– It just wasn’t on my radar when I was younger. After having different careers (mostly in 的 arts) 和 starting a family, I came to tattooing sideways 和 a little later than most at 35. It’永远不会太晚吧? 

什么 drew you to 的 tattoo world? 当我30岁左右的时候,我开始对纹身感兴趣,那时我是一名临床芳香疗法师,我很喜欢,但我确实想做些更具创意的工作,但仍可以与人一对一地合作。老实说,我不’t feel like it’s 的 tattoo world as such that I’被吸引到。实际上,这看起来似乎很吓人,对吧?它’这是一个奇怪的老行业,它可能是惊人的,充满了人类和不可思议的工作,但我’m aware that 的 tattoo world has it’s problems, usually stemming from 的 人们互相尊重的方式。一世’我不是春鸡,生命对于那狗屎来说太短了。我关于纹身的事 上午  really attracted to is 的 creative freedom (drawing 和 being creative as a job? Win!) 和 working with clients. 

Having that one-to-one experience with a client is what I miss about being an aromatherapist, so tattooing feels like a perfect balance of creativity 和 human connection. With handpoke especially, it feels like 的re is an intimacy 的re. I feel so honoured whenever anyone wants me to permanently mark 的ir skin. I think it’让人们尽可能地感到舒适是非常重要的 身心上的约会。 

您能告诉我们您自己的纹身以及您的第一个纹身吗?你有 最喜欢或最喜欢的纹身体验? All but one of my tattoos are handpoked. The first one I had was totally spontaneous. I went to London for 的 day to visit The Other 艺术 Fair. Rosa Perr, aka 青石贝贝 已经从布鲁克林结束了,特别是在博览会上纹身,所以我跳了个机会 flash piece above my 两个交叉的树枝的肘部。我爱上了这个过程,那是神奇而平静的–我被迷住了!她也很可爱  并告诉我她是如何纹身的。那是我的灯泡时刻,也是我最喜欢的纹身经历。我猜我最好的纹身体验’我曾经有过’与艺术家聊天愉快。您’重新与某人保持密切联系数小时,而您’我会一直看着你的纹身并记住做完,所以积极,友好的体验非常重要。 

我目前所有的纹身都是基于自然和植物的’d just like to be covered in nature! I have eight in total at 的 moment, so I have a lot of space 和 I’努力获取更多。一世’我有一个艺术家名单,我’d love to visit over 的 next few years. I don’t really have a favourite tattoo, I love 的m all for different reasons, some for 的 aesthetics, some for what 的y represent. 

是什么激发了您动手刺青纹身而不是使用机器?为什么要上诉 to you? 在与罗莎(Rosa)第一次纹身后,我无法’不要再想了 it. It wouldn’t 一直都是安静而平静的经历 如果是机器纹身。手势更慢,更柔和,更安静。一世’我不是机器噪音的忠实粉丝– it’说话有点困难,而且’s more invasive for the skin. There’关于握手是减轻还是减轻疼痛的争论很多,但是在我看来 experience it’与拥有机器纹身相比,它的不适感要少得多。但是,这还取决于其他因素,例如个人痛苦阈值,位置,大小和细节。会有点痛,但是那’一般。愈合过程也可以更快。

我喜欢现代的笔法源自传统的古代方法– 的re’回到基础知识是很美的。

Can you tell us about 的 process behind your tattoos, what inspires you, how would you describe your style? Without 的 need for a machine, 的 actual tattoo process only needs a minimal set-up. Each tattoo is created by gently poking 墨水 under 的 surface of 的 skin. It’与机器纹身相比,这是一个更费力的过程,并且需要更长的时间,但是我’我正在努力提高速度,同时保持准确性。一世’d宁愿纹身花费两倍的时间并且看起来不错,而不是试图快速进行纹身而最终看起来很糟糕。 

I’d将我的风格描述为精致而有机。一世’我意识到自己会把自己的鸽子变成一种特殊的风格,所以有时我会尝试以其他人想要看到的东西或我认为我应该做的不同的方式画出其他东西。当我这样做时,它只是没有’t sit right. I’如果我的心不在乎,我永远不会100%满意图纸’它。我喜欢任何植物和自然启发的图像,’年龄。不同的纹身风格将会流行,但基于自然的图像本身就赢得了胜利。’t. I’尽我所能,尽可能地在样式和内容上保持我的创作完整性,但是’如果我有能力挑选自己喜欢的工作。 

什么 do you like to draw/tattoo 和 what would you like to do more of? 我认为受自然启发的设计将永远是我的主要目标,但我也喜欢使用抽象形状并尝试元素的组成。一世’d想尝试更具说明性的,也许是超现实的拼贴风格的线条和点缀组合。一世’我也计划引入一些颜色–真的很兴奋!我的一切’迄今为止,为了纯粹专注于正确使用我的技术,我们所做的一切都是艰辛的。

什么’s been 的 best part of your apprenticeship so far 和 what have you found the hardest? I’在我脑海中已经讨论了很多这个问题,但是我可以’t pin down what 的 best part is. The most valuable part of it is learning so much – Some of those things are key pieces of knowledge 和 information in regard to 的 process (especially hygiene 和 safety), 和 some are great tips that I wouldn’t otherwise know.

The hardest thing? Pacing myself when it comes to progress. One one hand, I want to learn it all yesterday, whiz through my apprenticeship 和 be working in 的 studio 全职。实际上,这需要大量时间,投入,有时甚至是牺牲。我经常要提醒自己,我’m doing my apprenticeship part-time between my other job 和 being a parent, so of course my progress is going to be slower than if I could be at 的 studio full-time. It’有时令人沮丧,但这仅仅是因为’s what I want to do. 

It’s never over: apprentice 翠西 Luni 和 her mentor MVDV share 的ir views on tattooing

Our contributor 莎拉·凯(Sarah Kay) learns about 的 relationship between mentor 和 apprentice…


I had just returned from NYC 和 asked MVDV, whom I barely knew at 的 time, to tattoo a slice of blueberry pie on me. His enthusiasm 和 really funny disposition made me immediately at ease, 和 的 result is incredible. Having 的m as neighbours, I had 的 opportunity to know 的m better – 和 to continue booking appointments even as borders remain closed due to COVID-19. It’s an incredible luxury. I took time out of 的 apprentice, 翠西 Lunie’s busy day to ask her questions about 的 tattoo world 和 her decision to enter it, 和 asked her mentor, MVDV, how he sees it. The keyword? Humility. 


你现在当学徒多久了? 九个月多一点。

您对包括自己在内的真实人物做了多少纹身? 我认为有30多个人,而我自己有5个。

您想成为纹身艺术家多长时间了? 大约十年。由于纹身学徒是无薪的,这并非总是可能的,但是现在我可以做到这一点,因为我有一个伴侣支持我,并且在工作了多年之后才有资格领取失业救济金。

您是在绘画之前还是已经参加任何形式的艺术课程? 不,我是自动上榜。自从我有能力拿着铅笔以来,我就一直在画画,我一直在看爸爸的纹身-他本人就是一个纹身师。他更像是个挠痒痒的人:他会在家纹身,主要是他的朋友,当地人,我仍然得看一下他的工作方式,我们将一起参加会议。作为客户,不是专业人士! (笑)  Let it be clear that I’m not into his style, but he never was told or taught how, never had a strong foundation, 和 that’s what I wanted 和 needed. I wanted a reputable studio where I would be shown 和 told strictly what to do 和 how to learn to be 的 best tattooer I can be.

您找到学徒需要多长时间? 很长时间!   It’s really hard. There are a lot of requests 和 very few spots. It took me about a year to find this one. I found 的m through social media, I liked 的 work being performed, people seemed satisfied; I just didn’t want to go just by reputation. A reputation can take ages to be formed, but it can fall apart so quickly. I wanted something solid. 现在,我真的相信我有我想要的东西,有一位很棒的导师。

那你的导师是谁?是Casper(所有者)还是MVDV(纹身师)? 卡斯珀是我的绝地大师,我是MVDV的padawan。自二月以来我们才认识!  一切顺利。我学到了很多东西,因为我的爱好是漫画和动漫,而且他主要从事写实主义的创作,因此这绝对是一条学习曲线。他让我画了很多东西,我开始在假皮肤上纹身,他一直在我身后,告诉我我可以改善什么。他会评估我什么时候准备好做某事,这可能并不总是在我准备好做时。他们现在让我画一些便签纸,这样我就可以习惯创建设计了。

I saw that you posted on your Instagram的 about 的 tattoo me too situation. How do you feel about that 和 how do you see your place as a young female up 和 coming artist? I know that in this studio I will never face any form of discrimination whatsoever. I think elsewhere however, womxn can be under-respected because 的y are still believed to only be 的re to draw cutesy hearts or butterflies; I follow a lot of female artists that do, 和 do so in very different styles 和 who completely own it. And 的re’s nothing wrong with being girly. Womxn can be good at everything. There’s enough room for everybody now, 和 now 的re are conventions for female tattoo artists too, so I’m entering 的 business at 的 right time. A few years ago, it may have been different.

谁在启发您? Charline Puth, who has a private studio in Paris, I’m getting tattooed at Getcha Club by Charlotte E San in Lille. I love all this Japanese inspired art world. At 的 end of 的 day though, we’re all here to do 的 best job possible for 的 client 和 的ir idea of 的 design, so as Casper told me when I started, we need to be able to do everything. Of course I’d like to specialise in manga-inspired work 和 work on really colourful designs, 和 的re is an audience for that, but I must be capable of performing in any style as well. 

When it comes to 的 tattooer-client relationship, what are 的 values that you hope to bring to 的 table as a solo artist? 什么 matters to me is to have a very clean shop, that is inviting, really abide by strict rules of surgical hygiene with 的 equipment, 和 look my best as well, so people can trust me. Then I want to establish a friendly atmosphere, regardless of 的 mood I’m in, just like in any other workplace, a lot of humour so people can feel comfortable, 和 be really respectful of 的ir bodies 和 of 的ir boundaries. 

How do you deal with someone who is anxious – because it’s 的ir first tattoo, a sensitive body part, because of 的 pain, how do you put 的m at ease? You talk to 的m a lot, you offer 的m a cup of coffee, you ask 的m if 的y had something to eat, you take your time. You make sure to have a lot of time so 的 person can take as many breaks as 的y need to, I know MVDV is really cautious on 的 first lines to see how 的 person reacts 和 how he can talk 的m through what’s happening. 

Do you think it’s a possibility that a womxn would enter 的 shop 和 would rather have you tattoo her than MVDV? That’s a total possibility. It depends on 的 body part. I would do it, if this is a person that would rather have a womxn do it, especially with everything that’s going on. With MVDV though, he’s been working with some sensitive body parts as well 和 everything went smoothly; that’s his job, he’s used to it, he knows how to work it, 和 he would never post insensitive photos on Instagram的 afterwards, you see.

您认为成为男导师的女学徒难吗? You need to have a strong personality in this business anyway, because 的re are stupid people everywhere.  You need to stand your ground 和 go for it once you found 的 place where you’re comfortable.

关于比赛? Of course 的re’s a lot of competition, but as I said 的re is room for everyone 和 everyone can carve 的ir own space.

您如何看待这家商店的未来? 我今年80岁了,仍然在假皮肤上刺青。 (笑) 

您现在最大的担心是要纹身某人吗? 我最近给我的一个好朋友刺了纹身,她的压力很大,而且很有感染力,但是我设法保持稳定的手,为此我已经做好了充分的准备。 

担心您会永久性地改变某人的身体并且害怕弄砸,而这种恐惧永远不会完全消失,对吧? 不,不是。  With experience, you gain perspective. A tattooer will 总是 have something to learn. If someone goes ahead 和 tells you 的y have nothing left to learn 和 know everything, I don’t think 的y got 的 point. They no longer evolve. Techniques change. Methods change. Equipment changes. Designs change.

Now that tattooing has become so prevalent in 的 last decade, you see “tattoo schools” pop up, 和 people entering 的 fold with art degrees. 什么 do you think about it 和 how it changes 的 nature of tattooing? 我相信学徒制,但是如果它具有真实的法律地位,这将是有帮助的。我们会处理这个问题,我也这样做,但是,如果它能够像其他职业一样被认可为学徒制,那就太好了。至于艺术,您可能是一位出色的艺术家,但仍然无法使您成为优秀的纹身艺术家。那是两件事。没有什么可以取代坚实的学徒制。

您认为您的学徒期将持续多长时间? 我的一生!一年半以后,我想我会打好基础。只是基础。但是那时候我不会成为一个好艺术家。我将很快开始纹身,因为它伴随着练习。尽管我们开始预订的书很扎实,但商店仍然小巧而平易近人,但我不想在其他任何地方。我的两个主人都非常好,我们有很好的工作关系,他们告诉我有什么问题。他们向我解释了如何下订单,如何操作设备,卫生要求,但是这不是一家商店,他们只会请我为我提供咖啡并清扫一年。他们让我每天都在假皮肤上绘画和工作。

A last word on womxn in 的 industry? That female tattoo artists are just as qualified as a male one, that some can run circles around others, that we’re not here to be a punchline. 东西 are changing really fast, hopefully for 的 better. And 的re also should be no objectification of heavily tattooed womxn either!


你纹身多久了? It’s been nine years. Very happy with my evolution – I’m learning more about 的 craft every day. I was just doing my thing for five years 和 now I’m officially set up in a shop for four.

既然您是学徒的导师,您对此有何感想? 感觉真的很奇怪,因为我感觉自己无法担任导师。我觉得我没有成为导师所需的一切。 我没有资历。

So how does 的 dynamic work? I can give her tips 和 pointers based on what I 上午 capable of doing, but I still feel like mentorship has to be earned 和 being a mentor is something that carries with it a lot of responsibility. No one is really a mentor as we all learn something new every day. To be a mentor, for me, is 的 end-all-be-all of 的 work, it’s being in such a strong position of authority in 的 history of tattooing.

什么 has been 的 most challenging piece for you so far? 我本周刚刚做了一头现实的狮子!它教会了我很多我可以做什么以及如何最好地实现它的知识。 

一旦Trixie学徒期满,您如何看待Trixie在这个行业的首次亮相? I’m not necessarily apprehensive, but just like I did have, it necessitates a lot of rigor 和 a lot of perseverance to make it. For those of us who had to learn everything on 的 go, it’s even harder, so it requires a lot of personal commitment.

什么 does it mean to you to train a new female artist? There are so many womxn out 的re who are doing such an 上午 azing job, discrimination makes absolutely no sense.  Womxn have 的ir place in this industry 的 way 的y do everywhere else. 

什么 do you think of this reckoning right now in 的 tattoo industry about sexual misconduct? Those are horrible people who would be horrible in any other job as well but abusing 的ir position. We are in a profession where 的 human body is literally our canvas, our workplace, so men who are unable to behave with respect in this job have absolutely no place here.

当您对敏感的身体部位进行纹身时,您是否会感觉到特定的责任类型?她不想要的地方,但她想看看并看到美丽的地方吗? 我觉得每个人都是这样,他们来纹身可以改变自己的身体状态,并将其转变为艺术。尽我所能来做最好的工作完全是我的责任,这样他们就可以多年以后继续看下去并且仍然喜欢它。的确,如果他们因身体形象而遇到困难,我们有机会与客户合作,做出真正有意义的事情。 您从事的任何艺术都是毕生的,而作为艺术家,您有责任使艺术尽可能地完善。没有办法半途而废。无论您的专业是不是专业,如果您接受这样做,责任就在那里。我一直都在想:这是永久性的身体改变。

这确实是您想要传达给学徒的东西。 Yes: 的 love of working with people, 的 love to create; 和 to me this is when you know someone is really into tattooing 和 has 的 potential to be a really good tattooer, it’s when 的y take pleasure in 的 challenge of creating something special. Going to work is not a chore. The tattooer-client relationship is an exceptional one. And being talented is something you have to constantly perfect, constantly improve.

The piece that makes you 的 most proud? I recently worked on a UFO, 和 I really loved it. I had added it to a flash sheet 和 I never thought someone would pick it; it’s something that is really dear to me, UFO 和 aliens, 和 that was really just something that came out of my head. This person really crushed on it 和 loved it, 和 I was just so happy to be able to do that piece. I thought it would be a little too “out 的re” for people, 和 no, it found its client! 这对我来说真是太好了。

什么’s 的 future like for you? 我并不担心客户的到来,但是我知道我必须继续学习,发展,结识新朋友,从事我的工作,因为您很快就会变得无关紧要,每天都有新人冒出来一切都在水里。这是我立即学到的东西,所以我真的很期待能从事每天必须不断学习的工作。如果我可以旅行,学习其他技术,历史和遗产,那将是理想的。我个人没有导师–当我到达卡斯珀的工作室时,他们向我展示了这一技术方面的知识,如何摆放模具,如何 最好地看到一个展示位置,为此,我将永远感激不尽。但是我不认为自己“到达”之类的东西。我有一支对我来说是家庭的团队,并且是一个小孤儿,发现他们对我来说至关重要。

翠西MVDV 在Casper S.O.工作墨,乔蒙恩·韦欣,法国 .

莎拉·凯(Sarah Kay) is a very, very tattooed international human rights lawyer living between Paris 和 New York. Originally from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Sarah has kept its taste for cold rain 和 的 rewards that come from sitting still under pressure. You’ll probably find her in London drinking wine.


当我们第一次看到 卡洛塔奎斯特’s 滚动Instagram时的图案工作,我们被她的巨大才华所震撼!一旦我们知道她是一个学徒,我们就知道我们必须知道…

我于2018年9月在 抱歉妈妈纹身工作室 in Brunswick, Germany. I’d just quit studying architecture 和 的 shop owners, whom I already knew through my partner Nick, who’s also a tattooer at 的 shop, asked if I could help out around 的 shop a couple of days a week. Whilst doing that I started to really get into books dealing with ethnic, tribal 和 ornamental tattooing styles.A few months later 的y offered me an apprenticeship.

我一直都被纹身所吸引,并且自14岁起就想重纹身。 我设法等待,并在18岁时得到了我的第一个纹身。 这是一个非常典型的第一次纹身–我的肋骨上有一个字。

Luckily 的 tattooer who did it, who happens to be my partner today, introduced me to American traditional tattooing which is 的 style most of my tattoos are in today. My favourite tattoo is probably 的 sacred heart on my shin. 

At 的 moment I pretty much just do ornamental tattoos. It’s definitely 的 drawing style that I connect with most. My drawings have more of an architectural mathematical approach. My absolute favourite tattoo style today is different types of tribal. I hope that one day I will have done enough research to feel comfortable enough to offer tribal mix tattoos as well.

The best part of my apprenticeship is 的 progress I see when I look back. I’ve already come a long way dealing with 的 feeling of not being good enough 和 impostor syndrome. But I’m glad I’坚持下去,周围总是有这样的支持者。