学徒之爱:Alina Benson

当我们第一次看到 阿丽娜·本森(Alina Benson)‘的Instagram上的纹身’相信她是徒弟!我们赶上Alina聊天纹身的所有事情…

您已经学了多长时间了,您是如何获得学徒的呢? I started my apprenticeship at 的 end of 2019, but I’我自6月以来一直只在全职纹身 西维本·拉本, a private studio in Schwerte, Germany. I owe 的 apprenticeship to my friend 本尼·克拉鲁斯, who is training me.

什么 drew you to 的 tattoo world? My mother and grandmother have 总是 been very creative, drawing and tinkering. I knew very early that I would like to tattoo one day. Even before I got tattooed myself. I got into 的 scene through my friend 本尼·克拉鲁斯, who has been in 的 tattoo business for more than 10 years. Since June 2020 I 上午 now self-employed and for me 的re is nothing better.

您能告诉我们您自己的纹身以及您的第一个纹身吗? I mainly have tattoos in 的 neo-traditional style from 本尼·克拉鲁斯, 迈克·莱兹(Mike Ldz), 康斯坦丁·施密特(Konstantin Schmidt) and also from myself. I had to start practising somewhere so now I have three tattoos on my legs. My favourite tattoo is my left hand of Mike, a moon. On 的 other hand I have a sun. I got my first tattoo when I was 18 years old and it is a Rammstein quote. It is not 的 most beautiful one I have to admit, but 的 only one with a meaning.

太阳和月亮由Mike Ldz纹身

Can you tell us about 的 process behind your tattoos, what inspires you, how would you describe your style? 我将自己的风格描述为新传统。但是我特别喜欢纹身动物或自然界的东西。我喜欢使用柔和的颜色或柔和的颜色。当然,有时我也会做些花哨的纹身,但我更喜欢自然色调。

什么 do you like to draw/tattoo and what would you like to do more of? I 总是 like to tattoo animals, especially I want to do more dinosaurs, 的y have 总是 fascinated me!

什么’s been 的 best part of your apprenticeship so far and what have you found 的 hardest? 学徒的最好部分是看我如何’我发展自己,并感到我的纹身讨人喜欢。我喜欢我可以做自己喜欢的事而生活。


We love finding new apprentices to share and support. We fell in love with 的 work of 劳拉·佩奇(Laula 页) 纹身师 特雷兹’Ink 在巴黎,知道我们必须了解更多…

I have been an apprentice for nine months at in 的 13th arrondissement in Paris. It’s a spacious studio with seven tattoo artists and one other apprentice like me. The studio has a particularity, as every artist has 的ir own unique style. This inspires me to be more creative and to learn a variety of technical experiences. I met my apprentice master through a friend of mine, she showed 的m some of my drawings on Instagram的 and that’s how it all began.

I think I have 总是 been attracted to 的 world of tattooing. On my father’在我身边,我在哈雷戴维森(Harley Davidson)的世界中长大,周围是纹身的手臂。它一直吸引着我,并影响了我。

只要我 年纪大了,我的兄弟为我提供了我的第一个纹身:背上的玫瑰。我收藏的其余部分包括我练习的左腿。在我的左臂上,我有一个传统的美人鱼,一个女孩的传统面孔,一把钥匙和四叶草。我的右臂上现在只有数字(信用卡代码!)。我的右腿上有戴维·鲍伊(David Bowie)。


I would say that my style comes from 的 traditional Americans tattoos in a poetic, melancholic and retro universe. A lot of things help and inspires me and my creations. Rock music, poetry, 的 retro universe, cinema, emotions, women and 的ir power, 的ir charisma, attitude, sensuality, 的 list goes on. I really like to draw women. I just started to tattoo with colours. And I’d非常喜欢用更多颜色的纹身来纹身。

The best part of my apprenticeship is that every day when I get to tell myself that I do what I love. I have a lot of gratitude for being an apprentice. It can get hard but at 的 end of 的 day, I’m glad I chose this path (may 的 force be with you).

学徒的爱:Cath Pilling

We just love 的 delicate botanicals and nature inspired pieces that Cath起球 握手。崭露头角的纹身学徒 盛开& Gloom Tattoo 在拉夫堡,她’绝对可以添加到您的纹身愿望清单中…

您已经学了多长时间了,您是如何获得学徒的呢? 我从开始我的手工学徒 贝克斯·费舍尔 在2019年8月。’d在Instagram上关注了她很长时间,所以当她宣布要开设自己的工作室时,我与她取得联系,询问她是否正在寻找学徒。她看了看我的工作,邀请我聊天,我们点击了。我知道我’ve been very lucky –学徒难求,我’m grateful to be under 的 wing of someone who is lovely as well as a great teacher.

When I was offered 的 apprenticeship I had a moment of fear creep in that I was too old, I had too many responsibilities (young kids and another part-time job), and that I, well, might be shit at it. I’我很高兴我忽略了那些感受,因为’s one of 的 best things I’ve ever done.

I’终生痴迷于创意图像。几年前我获得了美术学位,’我总是制作艺术品,但我没有 ’t 总是 想成为纹身师– It just wasn’t on my radar when I was younger. After having different careers (mostly in 的 arts) and starting a family, I came to tattooing sideways and a little later than most at 35. It’永远不会太晚吧? 

什么 drew you to 的 tattoo world? 当我30岁左右的时候,我开始对纹身感兴趣,那时我是一名临床芳香疗法师,我很喜欢,但我确实想做些更具创意的工作,但仍可以与人一对一地合作。老实说,我不’t feel like it’s 的 tattoo world as such that I’被吸引到。实际上,这看起来似乎很吓人,对吧?它’这是一个奇怪的老行业,它可能是惊人的,充满了人类和不可思议的工作,但我’m aware that 的 tattoo world has it’s problems, usually stemming from 的 人们互相尊重的方式。一世’我不是春鸡,生命对于那狗屎来说太短了。我关于纹身的事 上午  really attracted to is 的 creative freedom (drawing and being creative as a job? Win!) and working with clients. 

Having that one-to-one experience with a client is what I miss about being an aromatherapist, so tattooing feels like a perfect balance of creativity and human connection. With handpoke especially, it feels like 的re is an intimacy 的re. I feel so honoured whenever anyone wants me to permanently mark 的ir skin. I think it’让人们尽可能地感到舒适是非常重要的 身心上的约会。 

您能告诉我们您自己的纹身以及您的第一个纹身吗?你有 最喜欢或最喜欢的纹身体验? All but one of my tattoos are handpoked. The first one I had was totally spontaneous. I went to London for 的 day to visit The Other 艺术 Fair. Rosa Perr, aka 青石贝贝 已经从布鲁克林结束了,特别是在博览会上纹身,所以我跳了个机会 flash piece above my 两个交叉的树枝的肘部。我爱上了这个过程,那是神奇而平静的–我被迷住了!她也很可爱 并告诉我她是如何纹身的。那是我的灯泡时刻,也是我最喜欢的纹身经历。我猜我最好的纹身体验’我曾经有过’与艺术家聊天愉快。您’重新与某人保持密切联系数小时,而您’我会一直看着你的纹身并记住做完,所以积极,友好的体验非常重要。 

我目前所有的纹身都是基于自然和植物的 ’d just like to be covered in nature! I have eight in total at 的 moment, so I have a lot of space and I’努力获取更多。一世’我有一个艺术家名单,我’d love to visit over 的 next few years. I don’t really have a favourite tattoo, I love 的m all for different reasons, some for 的 aesthetics, some for what 的y represent. 

是什么激发了您动手刺青纹身而不是使用机器?为什么要上诉 to you? 在与罗莎(Rosa)第一次纹身后,我无法’不要再想了 it. It wouldn’t 一直都是安静而平静的经历 如果是机器纹身。手势更慢,更柔和,更安静。一世’我不是机器噪音的忠实粉丝– it’说话有点困难,而且’s more invasive for the skin. There’关于握手是减轻还是减轻疼痛的争论很多,但是在我看来 experience it’与拥有机器纹身相比,它的不适感要少得多。但是,这还取决于其他因素,例如个人痛苦阈值,位置,大小和细节。会有点痛,但是那’一般。愈合过程也可以更快。

我喜欢现代的笔法源自传统的古代方法– 的re’回到基础知识是很美的。

Can you tell us about 的 process behind your tattoos, what inspires you, how would you describe your style? Without 的 need for a machine, 的 actual tattoo process only needs a minimal set-up. Each tattoo is created by gently poking 墨水 under 的 surface of 的 skin. It’与机器纹身相比,这是一个更费力的过程,并且需要更长的时间,但是我’我正在努力提高速度,同时保持准确性。一世’d宁愿纹身花费两倍的时间并且看起来不错,而不是试图快速进行纹身而最终看起来很糟糕。 

I’d将我的风格描述为精致而有机。一世’我意识到自己会把自己的鸽子变成一种特殊的风格,所以有时我会尝试以其他人想要看到的东西或我认为我应该做的不同的方式画出其他东西。当我这样做时,它只是没有’t sit right. I’如果我的心不在乎,我永远不会100%满意图纸’它。我喜欢任何植物和自然启发的图像,’年龄。不同的纹身风格将会流行,但基于自然的图像本身就赢得了胜利。’t. I’尽我所能,尽可能地在样式和内容上保持我的创作完整性,但是’如果我有能力挑选自己喜欢的工作。 

什么 do you like to draw/tattoo and what would you like to do more of? 我认为受自然启发的设计将永远是我的主要目标,但我也喜欢使用抽象形状并尝试元素的组成。一世’d想尝试更具说明性的,也许是超现实的拼贴风格的线条和点缀组合。一世’我也计划引入一些颜色–真的很兴奋!我的一切’迄今为止,为了纯粹专注于正确使用我的技术,我们所做的一切都是艰辛的。

什么’s been 的 best part of your apprenticeship so far and what have you found the hardest? I’在我脑海中已经讨论了很多这个问题,但是我可以’t pin down what 的 best part is. The most valuable part of it is learning so much – Some of those things are key pieces of knowledge and information in regard to 的 process (especially hygiene and safety), and some are great tips that I wouldn’t otherwise know.

The hardest thing? Pacing myself when it comes to progress. One one hand, I want to learn it all yesterday, whiz through my apprenticeship and be working in 的 studio 全职。实际上,这需要大量时间,投入,有时甚至是牺牲。我经常要提醒自己,我’m doing my apprenticeship part-time between my other job and being a parent, so of course my progress is going to be slower than if I could be at 的 studio full-time. It’有时令人沮丧,但这仅仅是因为’s what I want to do. 


当我们第一次看到 卡洛塔奎斯特’s 滚动Instagram时的图案工作,我们被她的巨大才华所震撼!一旦我们知道她是一个学徒,我们就知道我们必须知道…

我于2018年9月在 抱歉妈妈纹身工作室 in Brunswick, Germany. I’d just quit studying architecture and 的 shop owners, whom I already knew through my partner Nick, who’s also a tattooer at 的 shop, asked if I could help out around 的 shop a couple of days a week. Whilst doing that I started to really get into books dealing with ethnic, tribal and ornamental tattooing styles.A few months later 的y offered me an apprenticeship.

我一直都被纹身所吸引,并且自14岁起就想重纹身。 我设法等待,并在18岁时得到了我的第一个纹身。 这是一个非常典型的第一次纹身–我的肋骨上有一个字。

Luckily 的 tattooer who did it, who happens to be my partner today, introduced me to American traditional tattooing which is 的 style most of my tattoos are in today. My favourite tattoo is probably 的 sacred heart on my shin. 

At 的 moment I pretty much just do ornamental tattoos. It’s definitely 的 drawing style that I connect with most. My drawings have more of an architectural mathematical approach. My absolute favourite tattoo style today is different types of tribal. I hope that one day I will have done enough research to feel comfortable enough to offer tribal mix tattoos as well.

The best part of my apprenticeship is 的 progress I see when I look back. I’ve already come a long way dealing with 的 feeling of not being good enough and impostor syndrome. But I’m glad I’坚持下去,周围总是有这样的支持者。


当我们在Instagram上滚动寻找新的艺术家时,萌芽的纹身学徒 玉’s four-eyed women drew us in. We were captivated by bedroom scenes, bright pops of colour and striking murals – we had to find out more about this tattoo apprentice, who works at 的 all-female 无情的纹身 在洛杉矶…

您是纹身学徒多久了?您是如何获得学徒的? I started my journey back in November. I was apprenticing at a shop in Beverly Hills that was black owned, which was really dope. I was 的re for a few months but unfortunately that opportunity was cut short.  Even though I wasn’t  there long, I was able to absorb a lot of important information about what it is like to tattoo darker skin, which is very important for me as an artist.

Honestly,  I got my first apprenticeship just being at 的 right place and right time.  After leaving my first apprenticeship, I was offered another opportunity to continue my journey at an all Woman of Color shop located 在洛杉矶, 无情的纹身. The owner of Heartless, 一直是我和朋友的灵感来源,她告诉我,当我准备好了时,她为我有了家。我对无情的家人感激不尽!

什么 advice would you give to anyone wanting to get started in 的 tattoo industry? I would tell 的m to put 的mselves out 的re as an artist, make connections, continue to practice your craft. Nothing is just handed to you. Living out your dream consists of hard work, dedication, and practice. Also, I would tell 的m to make sure that this industry is something that you’真的对你充满热情’re ready to sacrifice for it. Pay respect to those who did it before you and 的 history behind it as well. 

Can you share with us your experience as a woman in 的 tattoo world, and your experience as a black woman in this industry? So far so good. The shop that I’m at is an all female shop so it’s really nice to be around feminine energy, especially in such a male-dominated industry. As I get further into 的 industry, I know that 的re will of course be some hardships for not only being a woman but also a black woman, but I 上午 here for 的 fight and representation.

什么’s 的 tattoo scene like in LA? LA has so much history and has played a HUGE part in 的 tattoo culture and history. From Ed Hardy to GoodTime Charlie, to Freddy Negrete and Mister Cartoon, 的y paved 的 way for us artists and put LA/SoCal tattooing on 的 map. It’s crazy I can call this place my home and just be surrounded by so much history. It’s very normal to see people blasted in tattoos in LA, it’很容易在这里纹身。非常正常您将沿着梅尔罗斯大街(Melrose Ave)行驶,并在两英里半径内经过10个商店。非常有趣!

我们爱您的双眼女孩,是什么激发了您的插图? I’ve 总是 been inspired by black women and women of color. The four-eyed girl is how I add a little me into every painting. I’ve been wearing glasses since third grade and being called four-eyes has 总是 been a thing, so I just re-channelled it into my world. When I got serious about my art, I wanted to create something that looked like me and 的 people who also look like me. I realized that a lot of 的 artists I looked up to weren’t depicting black women (up until recently honestly). And I wanted to create something that I would’ve loved to see when I was a kid. 

Are 的re any artists or tattooers you look up to or influence your work? There is a list of people who I look up to and influence my work. I can talk about 的m all day honestly. Tattoo wise, my Heartless family inspires me every single day, I can’t believe I’m surrounded by such talented, cool ass people. I’m also inspired by Doreen Garner (@flesh_and_fluid),布列塔尼Randell(@humblebeetattoo),黄(k)和利迪亚·马德里(@lydiamadriid)。我的艺术影响力是克里斯蒂娜·马丁内斯(@sew_trill),@里萨博比萨,娜塔莎·莉莉波(@lillipore),海莉·洛瑟琳(@hai_ey)和Tamia Blue(@tamiablue). 

什么 do you like to draw/tattoo and what do you want to do more of? I love drawing my girls and I want to be able to tattoo 的m as well as my original art.

How would you describe your style? Where do you want to take your tattoos in 的 future? I would describe my art style as illustrative for sure. But as far as my tattoo style I want to push my work as neo-traditional and show black art in 的 neo world. 

您能告诉我们您自己的纹身收藏吗,第一个是您的最爱? I’ve been collecting tattoos since my eighteenth birthday. Both my mom and step dad are heavily tattooed so my mom literally dropped me off at 的 tattoo shop on my birthday. My first tattoo is a hamsa with a Ganesha inside on my rib. That’ll forever hold a special place in my heart since it was my first, however I don’t have any favorites. I think for 的 most part my tattoos are badass! There’s a couple that I definitely wish were different but I still love 的m and it’s funny to look back at.

您的纹身改变了您对自己和身体的感觉吗? DEFINITELY! I couldn’t imagine myself without my tattoos and I 上午 planning on covering 的 majority of my body. It’s so fun to look at 的 pieces and be like holy shit that’s my arm. 

I feel like 的y make me, me. It sets me apart from 的 rest and at 的 same time I’m a part of a sick ass community. 

我们喜欢您对Instagram上的心理健康状况多么开放和诚实,您能否再说一遍为什么分享如此重要的原因。 I felt like at this time, It was time to share where I 上午 and how I feel. I never liked talking about my mental health because it made me feel like a burden to others, but this time I knew that I wasn’t being open for me but for those who feel 的 same way and feel alone. I felt like it was important to let people to know that it is okay to be not okay.